Created as an alternative to traditional metal fillings, cosmetic fillings are made of a composite resin to provide a more natural look. Also known as composite or resin fillings, cosmetic fillings are strong, durable, and matched to the surrounding tooth so that translucency, color, and texture are consistent and the filling is almost invisible.

Benefits of Cosmetic Fillings in Houston, Texas

There are many benefits to using composite fillings as opposed to traditional metal dental fillings:

  • More of the tooth can be preserved. Composite dental fillers are created by applying fine, thin layers of material to the tooth. More of the natural tooth can be preserved since a smaller cavity is needed. Traditional metal fillings are not as thin, so is it necessary for more of the tooth to be removed to create a large enough cavity for the filling.
  • More natural looking teeth. Composite dental fillers are created to match the color, shape and translucency of the natural tooth, so they are almost invisible. Traditional metal fillings are much darker, and over time can make the tooth appear grey and unsightly.
  • Strengthens the natural tooth. The adhesive agent used to bond the resin to the tooth actually strengthens the tooth, creating durable fillings that will last longer.

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